We continue preparations for decarbonisation of the building sector

News, 09. 10. 2023
Together with Ireland and Spain, the Czech Republic is one of the three pilot countries where the international INDICATE project is developing dozens of case studies to provide comprehensive data on the carbon footprint of buildings throughout their life cycle, with the participation of the CTU UCEEB. The next task is to reach as many other stakeholders as possible in cooperation with the policy makers, such as designers, architects, construction companies, developers and software developers, who will be directly affected by the new obligations resulting from the updated version of the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

In addition to our Sustainable Building research team, the Czech Green Building Council (CZGBC) and the industry alliance Chance for Buildings are also participating in the INDICATE project in the Czech Republic with the support of the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic. Based on our long-term experience in assessing and certifying the environmental impacts of building materials, construction products and entire buildings using the standardised LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) method, we were commissioned to prepare 50 sample case studies for calculating the Global Warming Potential (GWP) over the life cycle of typical Czech buildings. We carried out a wide selection of projects ranging from family and apartment buildings to office buildings and schools, mainly new builds but also renovations. Different material solutions and design standards are also represented.

At present, we have already completely collected the documentation and are developing the first ten case studies. The calculations are carried out according to a uniform methodology and database using the One Click LCA software, which is accepted by both LEED and BREEAM certification tools. The results will be used to establish first benchmarks for the WLC (Whole Life Carbon) of buildings throughout their life cycle. This data will be mandatory for all buildings in the Czech Republic from 2027 based on the new version of the European Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).