We determined the reinforcement capacity and stiffness of the wall panel clad with Rigistabil boards

Experts from the University Centre for Energy-Efficient Buildings of Czech Technical University carried out a load test to verify the load-bearing capacity and stiffness of the reinforcing wall of a light wooden frame sheathed with Rigistabil construction boards.

As part of the static load test, carried out in Mechanické laboratoři ČVUT UCEEB, a wall panel with dimensions of 2,500 x 3,000 x 125 mm consisting of a frame made of KVH prisms and double-sided single-layer cladding with structural boards 12.5 mm thick was tested. The cladding was attached to the frame with staples. The test body was assembled by the supplier directly on the premises of our laboratory.

During the test, the applied horizontal and vertical loads as well as the horizontal and vertical displacements of the test body were recorded. To measure the displacement, we used laser triangulation distance sensors, linear position sensors and a cable path sensor. The maximum value of the reinforcement bearing capacity of the examined wall panel exceeded 40 kN, and the value of the reinforcement stiffness reached almost 2,300 N/mm. The failure of the wall occurred when the maximum bearing capacity of the tensile anchor was reached and the lower frame prism was broken longitudinally.

The load test is part of the contract, including the revision of technical documents for designers with a focus on the statics of wooden structures, the preparation of a sample calculation procedure and the execution of an experimental analysis.