We develop solutions for low-cost emission measurement in industry

News, 05. 06. 2023

The University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings of the CTU in cooperation with SVÚM a.s. and GT-Progres s.r.o. is finalizing the final prototype of a modular emission data logger, which should become a suitable option for low-cost orientation measurement of emissions in combustion sources in industry.  

The technical solution we are developing for data collection and storage concerns the measurement of emissions and other additional parameters of the flue gas, such as temperature, oxygen content, pressure, etc. The equipment will be used for smaller local combustion sources as well as for large investment units or, for example, municipal waste incineration plants. 

This is in response to the fact that there is currently no simple and inexpensive modular system on the market that would allow online measurement of selected flue gas parameters - emissions of substances such as nitrogen or sulphur oxides or unburnt oxygen content, etc. At the same time, we do not aim to compete with professional analytical precision meters that require sophisticated instrumentation or advanced detection techniques - for example, spectrometric measurements or measurements from a solution that absorbs part of the flue gas.  

Measurement of individual flue gas parameters will be performed by separate modules/sensors that can be connected to the overall sampling and measurement system as required. The main part of the measuring device is the control unit (a separate computer unit or PLC automat), which provides communication both with the individual measuring modules, which can be freely combined, and with the other parts of the set - the sampling pump and individual valves that control the flow of flue gas through the measuring device.