We evaluated Amazon Court and Visionary in Prague

News, 09/09/2021

The University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings of CTU conducted an assessment of a pair of buildings of CA IMMO Real Estate Management Czech Republic s.r.o. and recommended measures to reduce epidemiological risks when employees return to offices.

In its study, the indoor environment quality team of CTU UCEEB described the key parameters in the TZB systems of the assessed office buildings, which have a significant effect on the health of people moving inside. Based on them, he recommended and justified measures to ensure and maintain an environment enabling the safe return of workers.

Specific recommendations related in particular to the operation of air-conditioning equipment, the question of the suitability of installing additional disinfection systems, optimal air distribution and monitoring of its quality, especially with regard to the effective dilution of harmful substances, including viruses. Further assessment focused on assessing the application possibilities of disinfection systems (UV-C, O3, etc.). On the basis of the microbiological analysis of the samples taken from the exposed places, the effectiveness of cleaning and the distribution of means for personal hand disinfection was also evaluated.

(Photo: Vladimír Zachoval)