We found out the possibilities of renewable sources for the system of centralized heat supply

News, 28/7/2022

For the company ČEZ Teplárenská, ČVUT UCEEB performed an analysis of how to replace the existing heat supply from a steam pipeline for the village's heat supply system with a 100% renewable source combining a biomass boiler and a large-scale solar thermal system.

As part of the analysis, the framework investment costs and the total price of the produced heat from the source for different sizes of the solar system were determined. For further decision-making, a variant with a gross area of solar collectors of 3,000 m2 was recommended. and the volume of short-term heat accumulation 300 m3. The total coverage of the heat requirement by the recommended variant of the solar system reaches around 17%, the remaining heat production is provided by the biomass source.

The usability of the solar system was investigated in three versions: with short-term accumulation, with long-term (seasonal) heat accumulation, and with the use of a heat pump in a seasonal storage tank in combination with an ORC-based cogeneration source. The parametric analysis determined the suitability of flat plate collectors and tubular vacuum collectors, the optimal volume of the storage tank in relation to the collector area, and above all the operating parameters (solar benefits and coverage of heat needs).