We have become members of the SBToolCZ National Platform

News, 14/04/2022
The University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings of CTU has become an official member of the body that operates, manages and develops the SBToolCZ certification system for the objective evaluation of the quality of buildings and their designs.

The founding members of the SBToolCZ National Platform include, in addition to the Technical and Testing Institute of Construction Prague and the Building Research Institute, the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Czech Technical University, with which UCEEB will share its responsibilities. Together we will develop new methodologies and maintain all four existing methodologies of the SBToolCZ certification system for apartment and family buildings, schools and administrative buildings. In addition, we will train authorized persons authorized to carry out certification from among the professional public and students of selected subjects not only at CTU, but also at BUT in Brno.

Certification using the SBToolCZ methodology provides a reliable certificate of compliance of the building with legislative requirements and principles of sustainable construction. Compared to foreign methodologies, it offers a number of advantages based on localization for the Czech Republic, such as the possibility of working in Czech or respecting local climatic, construction and legislative conditions while maintaining an internationally recognized methodology and selecting evaluated criteria as abroad.

You can find more details about the SBToolCZ methodology on the website: https://www.sbtool.cz/ometodice/