We have completed Hydronics 4.0

News, 17/06/2021

The University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings of CTU has successfully completed the Hydronics 4.0 project focused on decentralized predictive control of modern buildings and innovative control elements of heating networks. As part of the development, three innovative technologies were created, which, in cooperation with the project partner, Honeywell, are now heading towards the form of real innovative products.

modern buildings of the future are:

  • automatic creation of predictive control with regard to optimization of energy consumption including planning with limited resources (preparation for "smart grid" and "demand response")
  • smart innovative actuators of heat consumers using temperature feedback to mitigate or eliminate ties in the hydraulic network
  • network utilization Ethernet for communication with building instrumentation elements, including the use of "Power over Ethernet"

The main result of výzkumného týmu Řídicí systémy a optimalizace CTU UCEEB led by Ing. Jiřím Dostálem is a prototype of a control exchanger branch with a pump for a single-pipe heating system, called "IQ-pump". The basic benefit of this device is the ability to determine the heat output of the connected heat consumer without the need to use a flow meter, because it uses only the operating information of the pump to determine the flow rate. The IQ-pump technology is patent protected in the country and abroad.

The Hydronics 4.0 project was co-financed by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic within the Theta Program.