We have performed a dynamic simulation of the CirkArena research centre

News, 20. 11. 2023
Scientists from CTU UCEEB are involved in the birth of a new research and development centre for circular economy, which should be created by recycling a brownfield - the old hockey WerkArena in Třinec. They assessed the planned building in detail in terms of energy consumption and sizing, compliance with legislation and economic parameters. The results of the study will be used for further decision-making by the investor.

In the simulation study, we have assessed in detail the energy concept for the building of the Trinec branch of the CirkArena research centre, which is expected to become a unique example of circular economy in the construction industry upon its completion in 2027. We considered two alternatives of heat source: central ground-source heat pumps with boreholes and district heating connection for the proposed building envelope and technical systems. Energy performance of the building was determined by dynamic simulation with hourly time steps using detailed operation profiles for a total of 25 building zones.

The dynamic simulation was performed for three different operating and climatic conditions (extremely cold year, extremely warm year and typical year) paired with different considerations of heat gains from occupancy and appliances. Detailed occupancy profiling combined with a detailed dynamic simulation of the building allowed to determine realistic installed capacities and annual energy needs for space heating, cooling and hot water.

We also prepared a preliminary energy performance certificate for the building. Finally, we carried out a comparative economic analysis of the investment costs for energy sources and the operating energy costs over 15 years. The assessment of the planned building in terms of energy consumption, sizing of energy sources, compliance with legislation and economic parameters is intended to serve for further decision making of the investor.