We have rewards for city representatives, booksellers, designers and officials

News, 20/05/2022
Contributors who financially support the reprint of the successful Water in the City methodology will receive interesting rewards. In addition to the publication itself, they can also receive, for example, consulting services that will help them better plan and implement rainwater management measures in their municipalities.

CTU UCEEB has prepared a brainstorming session for representatives of cities who want to start renovating public spaces in the near future, during which they will learn where to start, what rainwater management measures are suitable for their case and how to further communicate them with citizens. For one day, experts who took part in the creation of the methodology will come to the city in order to, together with representatives of the town hall, go through the public spaces intended for transformation and try to help set and refine the vision according to specific conditions and needs.

In particular, booksellers who would like to include the Water in the City publication in their assortment, but also project offices, implementation companies and authorities who want to have enough copies in their libraries for their employees, can get discounted book packages.

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