We joined the international POWERSKIN+ project

News, 16/01/2020

The CTU University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings is involved in the development of elements of a modular facade system for non-residential buildings, which will bring users a combination of easy installation and excellent insulation properties with the ability to obtain and store energy from the sun. The Buštěhrad laboratories of CTU UCEEB will be one of the three places in Europe where the pilot installation of solutions arising from the project will take place.

The goal is to develop the hitherto unused potential of the facades of non-residential buildings for obtaining and storing solar energy and to further improve their insulating properties. This vision should materialize in a few years in a prefabricated facade system easily integrated into light envelopes and double facades, which will contain state-of-the-art highly energy-efficient materials, super-insulation elements and components for collecting and accumulating solar energy.

The POWERSKIN+ project aims to make it possible to renovate buildings to the nZEB standard (with almost zero energy consumption) or the even more ambitious PEB standard (producing more energy than they consume). The developed system should be affordable and at the same time provide a comfortable and healthy indoor environment, respond to climatic conditions and be responsive to the needs of building users.

Scientists from the Czech Technical University UCEEB participate in simulations of the behavior of the materials used, functional parts and the entire system and supervise all pilot installations and their monitoring. The system will also be tested directly on the experimental monitored facade of its headquarters in Buštěhrad, Central Bohemia, where the samples will be placed between the natural outdoor environment and controlled indoor conditions. They will also participate in the evaluation of the resulting designs and prototypes from the point of view of life cycle assessment (LCA - Life Cycle Assessment and LCC - Life Cycle Cost).

You can find more information about the project (in English) on the website www.powerskinplus.eu or to YouTube.