We joined the New European Bauhaus initiative

News, 15/06/2021

The CTU University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings will participate in an environmental, economic and cultural project, which, within the framework of achieving the goals of the Green Deal for Europe, focuses on connecting design, sustainability, accessibility, availability and investments.

The new European Bauhaus is a creative initiative that, according to the European Commission, should break down the boundaries between science and technology, art, culture and social inclusion, helping to solve everyday problems. On specializovaných internetových stránkách can artists, designers, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, architects, students and interested public share examples of inspiring solutions suitable for the new European Bauhaus, their ideas about how it should be conceived and how it should be further developed, as well as well as their concerns and problems.

This is the beginning of an innovative co-design process. Organizations that want to get more involved in this process can respond to the call on the website and become "partners of the new European Bauhaus". In the coming months, the Commission will award prizes to already existing examples that represent the integration of the key values of this initiative and can inspire discussion about the places we live and their transformation.

? In the next phase of the initiative, i.e. the implementation phase, five pilot projects will be created, the aim of which will be to propose new solutions that will be not only sustainable and inclusive, but also aesthetic. The aim of the third phase - "dissemination of results" - will be to spread the ideas and concept of a new European Bauhaus throughout Europe and beyond through new projects, networking and knowledge sharing.