We launched PV Forecast - solar radiation forecast for photovoltaic power plants

News, 10/03/2016

PV Forecast, a service that provides a forecast of solar radiation intensity (W/m2) for any point in the Czech Republic. The solar irradiance forecast is intended for photovoltaic power plants to forecast the produced power in the following day.

The length of the forecast is 24 to 48 hours ahead in hourly increments. The service is based on several independent sources, which ensures its reliability. For the greatest possible accuracy, it is possible to install a solar radiation intensity sensor in the place for which the forecast is calculated and thus provide feedback for the algorithm. He will then take care of the future refinement of the forecast for the given location. To calculate the forecast of the produced power of the photovoltaic power plant, it is possible to use an adaptive algorithm that is run in the local PLC and communicates with the PV Forecast service. This algorithm takes the conditions of the local PV installation into account when forecasting production. www.pvforecast.cz