We offer a comprehensive assessment of the quality of the indoor environment in acoustic booths

News, 05. 05. 2023

Shared offices often have noise problems that interfere with staff concentration. Acoustic booths are therefore an increasingly popular solution. The UCEEB CTU has prepared a service for their manufacturers, whereby it carries out a complete assessment of the indoor environmental quality of their products through laboratory analyses and makes recommendations for modifications.

The Indoor Environment of Buildings research team has prepared a range of different analyses, which can also be ordered individually and carried out both in the laboratories of the CTU UCEEB in Bustehrad and at the customer's premises. We assess the quality of lighting, the effect of ventilation, airflow and thermal comfort in acoustic booths. 

We are able to obtain accurate data to assess the level and uniformity of lighting, its quality of colour rendering, its effect on circadian rhythm and to determine the risk of glare. We also determine the distribution of CO2 concentration in the air and its changes over time. Our customers can choose between two ways of assessing the air distribution inside acoustic booths. The simpler option involves an indicative visualization of the airflow, but it is also possible to have a comprehensive analysis performed using particle laser anemometry.   

Finally, we use a thermal manikin to analyse the thermal comfort in the enclosed environment of the acoustic booth with typical equipment of the person using it (PC, teleconference screen, etc.). We assess the temperature distribution in the environment and the thermal sensation perceived by the person on a total of 36 zones of the human body.

For more details or a quotation, please contact Ing. Daniel Adamovský, Ph.D.