We offer a forecast of sunshine and production of photovoltaic power plants

News, 15/04/2019

The CTU University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings offers operators of photovoltaic power plants and battery storage facilities throughout the Czech Republic a new online service for forecasting the intensity of solar radiation, which will enable them to maximize the local use of solar energy.

The offer of CTU UCEEB services has expanded to include the forecast of sunlight and the calculation of energy production in photovoltaic power plants based on it. We can determine the intensity of solar radiation for any point in the Czech Republic in hourly intervals up to five days in advance. We work with several different sources of satellite prediction, which guarantees the robustness and overall reliability of the service. With the help of the camera's sky sensor and the additional illumination sensor, we can further refine the results down to minute intervals.

We provide predicted values as an online service suitable especially for control systems of photovoltaic power plants and battery storage. Based on our forecast, the amount of energy produced by a specific photovoltaic power plant can be calculated and the course of its production over time can be derived. Thanks to this, the intelligent management algorithm of the battery storage can choose an appropriate energy management strategy and thus maximize its use.

You can learn more about our service on the website www.pvforecast.cz.