We offer determination of porosity and size of nanoparticles according to the accredited method

A newly accredited laboratory for determining the porosity of nanofibrous structures and the size of nanoparticles was established within the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings of CTU.

Currently, there are no accredited methods in the country using scanning electron microscopy for accurate size determination of nanometric objects and characterization of nanostructured surfaces. Hence our Laboratoř pokročilých biomateriálů has created a unique accredited method that, thanks to the principles of scanning electron microscopy, is able to determine the surface morphology of materials, such as their porosity or the size of structures and objects of micrometric to nanometric dimensions.

Individual laboratories apply different methods and procedures to characterize nanostructures and object sizes, which may lead to different results. Our laboratory offers the possibility to determine the surface morphology of objects using an accredited method, thus guaranteeing the correctness and comparability of the results obtained always using the same predefined procedure.

Electron microscopy is currently an indispensable tool for the study of objects , whose dimensions are below the resolving power of even the most modern optical microscopes. Thanks to this method, the porosity of materials such as textiles or filter materials intended for personal protective equipment can be very precisely assessed and/or the sizes of nanoparticles in products can be determined.

Size knowledge of nanoparticles in products is particularly important in connection with the assessment of their impact on human health and the environment, and therefore also for the purpose of meeting valid Czech and European regulations, which may concern, for example, cosmetic products, biocidal products and others. In addition to proving the size of particles and their structure with respect to the applicable legislation, our laboratory can independently verify the size structure of particles of various materials.

If you are interested in cooperation or more information, please contact us by email Radek.Divin@cvut.cz.