We opened our doors to the public again

News, 14/10/2021

Just like in previous years, the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings of CTU participated in the Open Days of Solar Power Plants event, organized by the Solar Association as part of the European Sustainable Development Week. This year, CTU UCEEB prepared not only the usual excursions to its photovoltaics and battery systems laboratories, but also offered the opportunity to visit other interesting places with its partners, where it tests new trends in the field of solar energy use.

In the Bustěhrad CTU UCEEB laboratories, visitors got to know the practical process of measuring the efficiency of a battery inverter and during a guided tour of the center they saw the individual sources that we use for supplying electricity – photovoltaic modules of various technologies, a gas micro-cogeneration turbine and battery storage.

During the excursion in Výzkumném ústavu Silva Taroucy pro krajinu a okrasné zahradnictví, v. v. i. v Průhonicích (VÚKOZ) we presented the first Czech agroforestry photovoltaic system, which we designed and implemented together with VÚKOZ for the purpose of verifying the concept of simultaneous use of agricultural land - here arable land - for the cultivation of conventional food crops with alley plantings of woody plants and the direct use of solar energy by photovoltaics. The system is adaptively positionable, uses various photovoltaic technologies and is equipped with detailed monitoring. The research is co-financed by the OP VVV Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics project and VÚKOZ.

The third location that visitors could visit with us was an experimental family house in Omice near Brno. Here, in cooperation with the investor and technology suppliers, we implemented the Národního centra kompetence CAMEB RESOPT project a family house that is used for living and enables research in energy management and indoor environment management. A photovoltaic system with a battery from the supplier AERS, an electric car, active air conditioning and electric heating combined with a fireplace are installed here. Most rooms are monitored in detail (temperature, humidity, CO2). The control system is based on the ICOOL platform from the ICT Expert company and on the remote control of CTU UCEEB.