We participate in the development of an electromechanical backup source for the energy industry

News, 12/09/2019

The goal of the joint project of the University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings of the Czech Technical University and the company PLOMER Engineering s.r.o. is to develop a reliable and affordable solution for the elimination of micro outages in the supply of electricity in the distribution network. The device called FlyeES is intended especially for end customers of energy companies.

Especially for manufacturing companies, even very short power outages of the order of milliseconds or sudden voltage drops are completely undesirable, because in the case of complex production processes on automated lines, they can cause significant damage. In the same way, micro-outages cause problems, for example, due to the disruption of the control systems of smart buildings. In such situations, extended UPS backup sources usually do not fulfill their function, and there is currently a lack of a mass-produced product on the market worldwide that would reliably protect end customers.

The project includes both the development itself, as well as the production and real tests of the prototype of the electromechanical back-up energy source. The great advantage of the device developed as part of the FlyeES project will be its affordability and therefore the possibility of greater expansion, therefore it will probably find application not only in manufacturing companies, but also in households. A big advantage of this electromechanical back-up energy source is its environmental friendliness, as it does not use any chemical processes like, for example, Li-Ion batteries. Thanks to this, the FlyeES project also succeeded in the E.ON Energy Globe competition, in which it won in the Idea category in 2017.

Both partners foresee the future application of the equipment both on a European and global scale, thanks to the possibility of easy adaptation to specific parameters and local regulations. At the same time, it will be possible to move the production of equipment to other countries if it is economically justified.