We participated in the creation of the first Czech battery storage for industry

News, 23/05/2019

The company AERS and the Fenix Group presented the results of the test operation of the first Czech large-capacity system for storing electrical energy in batteries for industrial applications. Scientists from CTU UCEEB have been working with them for a long time on this project.

At the end of last year, a battery storage facility enabling dynamic control of the energy flow was put into operation at the production site of the Fenix Group company in Jeseník. We participate in its creation by monitoring and, in addition, we cooperate with the technology supplier AERS on the development of suitable management concepts.

The practical benefit of battery storage lies in the fact that it can store electrical energy and provide it further within the framework of the optimization of the consumption diagram of the industrial area in such a way as to reduce payments for quarter-hourly peaks (contractually given value of electric power which the consumer may take at most in the monitored time period) and there were no significant fines for exceeding them.

The system can independently ensure the operation of the entire production area for up to one hour in the event of an interruption of the supply of electricity from the distribution system. Other advanced features of this technology are filtering of micro outages and compensation of poor network quality. These properties are attractive wherever it is necessary to ensure 100% quality of electricity supply and any deviations mean losses, downtime or damage to powered equipment. Typically, these are, for example, robotic workplaces or devices containing sensitive electronics.

Users can also order the integration of battery storage with photovoltaic power plants, as is the case, for example, at the administrative building of the Fenix Group in Jeseník. In these cases, the AERS company enables the deployment of an intelligent illumination prediction system, which was created in cooperation with the University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings of CTU and increases the efficiency of the overall power management system.