We received a diploma for ground-breaking eco-friendly buildings

News, 07/01/2019

The Buštěhrad headquarters of the University Center for Energy-Efficient Buildings of the Czech Technical University made it into the TOP 10 groundbreaking eco-friendly buildings built between 2009 and 2019. construction companies, developers and other experts involved in construction.

The Czech Green Building Council selected the best buildings according to demanding standards, which focus not only on the energy efficiency itself, but also on other criteria, such as internal energy, use of recycled materials, water management, interior quality, etc. At our headquarters, it also awarded an effort to show the latest trends and available technologies in the field of energy savings in construction in practice.

The CTU UCEEB building was designed to a low-energy standard using renewable natural materials, mainly wood, and a number of eco-friendly solutions, including a green roof. The entire object is used for experimental purposes, which maximally supports real-scale testing. This makes it possible to obtain reliable information about the functional parameters of tested materials, structures, proposed energy systems and intelligent control systems, including their impact on both the quality of the indoor environment of buildings and the environment.