We solve the fire safety of drainage inlets

News, 26/05/2022
CTU UCEEB fire laboratory was approached about a year ago by ACO Industries ks with an offer to cooperate in the development of special inlets, which, among other things, must meet fire resistance requirements. Since then, a series of verification tests have been conducted, during which a suitable solution was jointly found.

Indicative tests of fire resistance were carried out in a medium-sized furnace with net floor plan dimensions of 1200 x 800 mm and a combustion chamber height of 800 mm. When testing the fire resistance of penetrations, the samples are loaded with a standard temperature curve according to ISO 834. To test floor drains for special applications, the ceiling module was replaced by a locally reinforced steel plate, in which four samples could be tested at once.

These were, in accordance with the test prescription, capped from the side of the furnace to eliminate direct contact with the flame. The only criterion of the test is flame burning on the non-exposed side for the entire duration of the required fire resistance, however, for the possibility of a deeper analysis, the samples were equipped with temperature sensors beyond the norm.

The final certification exam will have to take place in an accredited fire laboratory. However, the medium-sized furnace MiniFUR 2 was sufficient for verification during material and construction development, because in the case of penetration testing, the smaller size of the furnace does not matter and the tests are more cost- and energy-efficient. After the final verification tests, which will take place in June 2022, it will be possible to try the sample officially.