We took part in a new cookbook for energy savings

News, 28/03/2019

The handbook of the National Center for Energy Savings is primarily intended for mayors and municipal representatives, for whom it should significantly facilitate orientation in an issue with which most of them lack any experience. Our colleagues from ČVUT UCEEB Michal Kuzmič and Jan Včelák also contributed their texts to the creation of the manual.

Representatives of municipalities and cities will find practical information on what they could do and how to get the necessary money for investments in the publication entitled "Guide to energy measures for mayors - Why energy savings and how to achieve them?". The majority of local politicians have no experience with similar projects, and because of this, the whole issue is very difficult for them to grasp. Therefore, they often ignore the possibilities of reducing the energy demand of municipal buildings, which is also evidenced by the slow progress in meeting the Czech Republic's goals in reducing energy consumption.

"More than 35 percent of energy is consumed in buildings in the European Union. The state, regions and municipalities own thousands of buildings that can be renovated, thus reducing their energy consumption and improving comfort for their users. The path leading to this goal is mainly energy services (EPC, Design&Build), subsidy programs and their combinations. With the correct deployment and use of modern technologies, it would be possible to reduce inefficient energy management by more than half," says Marie Zůlková, director of the National Center for Energy Savings. Experts from the University Center for Energy-Efficient Buildings of CTU Michal Kuzmič and Jan Včelák also contributed to this effort, who wrote chapters dedicated to renewable energy sources and the cooperation of municipalities with scientific and research organizations.

The publication is available on the website of the National Center for Energy Savings: