We verified the project of the new school

News, 16/06/2022
As part of the preparation of the project documentation for the new primary school Na Kocínce in Prague's Dejvice, the Czech Technical University UCEEB prepared a simulation analysis of the operational behavior of the school building, which is to be built in a passive standard, for the Prague 6 district.

The initial simulation analysis was already processed in the phase of the architectural study. After refining and optimizing the design, another analysis was created based on the project for the building permit. The building was modeled under different climatic conditions (cold year with extreme winter, warm year with extreme summer) to verify the functionality of the proposed performance of individual technologies – ground-water heat pumps, radiant ceiling panels for heating and cooling, ventilation systems with heat recovery.

Detailed setting of the building use profile and simulation of the operation of the heat pumps for heating, cooling and hot water preparation in an hourly time step made it possible to determine a realistic operating efficiency with a heating factor of 5.2 for heating and 3.9 for hot water preparation. The school thus achieves energy class A even without the need to use a photovoltaic system, and its roof can be fully used as a green area. At the same time, a passive standard building can receive investment support for construction in the Environment Operational Program.