We won a prestigious award

For its technological, economic and social contribution in the field of energy management and environmental protection, the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings of CTU received an honorable mention from the expert jury of the Visionaries competition, which is organized by the CzechInno Association with the aim of supporting the penetration of innovative products, products, procedures or services into practice.

Organizations focusing on long-term innovation support in business and applied research were represented in the expert jury of the Visionaries project. The title of Visionary 2020 was awarded to four subjects. This year, the jury awarded its honorable mentions to a total of nine subjects, including CTU UCEEB, and also awarded two Personalities of the Visionaries 2020 project. The purpose of the Visionaries project is to mobilize the innovative potential of Czech businesses and organizations and to help the successful commercialization of their innovative ideas. In this regard, the CzechInno Association perceives it as especially important that the general public learns about innovations in the field of innovation and that they penetrate into practice as much as possible.

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