What we offer municipalities and cities

Projects from our laboratories prove themselves in real life, but many town halls are not yet aware of these possibilities. We therefore present a selection from the offer of the University Centre of CTU Energy Efficient Buildings, which have already found practical use or will be put on the market in the foreseeable future.

Sufficient own thermal and electrical energy for the local authority, the fire station and the municipal store, is available 24/7 in Mikolajice in the Opava region. They operate here the system connecting the performance developed by us Mikroelektrárny WAVE with photovoltaic cells and battery storage that could also inspire other mayors.

This is a significant contribution to the crisis management of the municipality, whose key facilities can remain in full operation even during a power outage. In addition, the highly efficient and virtually maintenance-free system uses only renewable energy sources, which was also reflected in the air quality during the heating season.

Quality and sustainable public construction

The preparation and implementation of construction projects is a complex and lengthy process for public contractors. Every error at the beginning comes back later in the form of multiple costs. We therefore prepared a new standard for the process of preparing public investments so that the resulting buildings have both the required value for users and are energy efficient.

In practice, this procedure has already been several types of objects, such as schools, libraries and cultural centres or sports fields. The method is based on several key factors: the use of participatory building design, the involvement of multidisciplinárního týmu before entering project documentation and using the competition with an emphasis on the quality of the construction, not just its price.

We also offer new technologies for building construction and reconstruction. We are preparing a new product for the market in the form of systému multifunkčních panelů MORE-CONNECT pro sanace fasád a střech starších bytových domů built in times when energy consumption was not considered at all. A big role is played by easy assembly, which does not need to build scaffolding.

Complex reconstruction of a typical apartment building, including rehabilitation of the facade, roofing and the necessary technologies (air conditioning, heating etc.) using the system should therefore take less than two weeks. We are currently looking for a pilot real-scale installation of MORE-CONNECT panels in a smaller apartment building intended for reconstruction.

Smart cities

We cooperate with larger cities with more than 10,000 inhabitants in solving a wide range of conceptual issues. Each city hall has a different approach based on perceived needs and political priorities. We promote a concept based on clearly naming the desired effects of innovation and their monitoring. Urban planners oppose territorial studies and together with architects and energy engineers help with the setting of local regulations and investment plans. management. Cooperation is underway with Kladno as part of an international consortium on the preparation of the so-called energeticky plusové čtvrti. In addition, we are also dedicated to needs mapping and education in smaller municipalities that do not require robust technology solutions, but can benefit from targeted and well-planned investments in innovation.

Introduction of technologies in cities and towns

The aim of the pilot phase of the introduction of technologies in towns and cities is to demonstrate their functionality in practice. Industry is only really interested in technologies tested in this way, and CTU further offers them for licensing for mass production. As part of the Internet of Things, for example, the city of Kladno used měření kvality prostředí sensors developed in our laboratories.

What's new is designová sada betonového městského mobiliáře „Levitee“ with the possibility of installing intelligent technologies. Thanks to the textile concrete used, the bench is much lighter compared to ordinary concrete with traditional reinforcement, thus easier to transport, and at the same time it can have a more original shape. In addition to a comfortable short-term rest, it can charge the user's phone via the USB connector, provide Wi-Fi connection for mobile devices and also measure air quality using various sensors supplied according to the wishes of the end customer. The bench should be seen in several places in Prague from this year.

If you would like to learn more about the above projects, please contact Michal Kuzmič (michal.kuzmic@cvut.cz)