When developing the route planner, we also think about people with limited mobility

News, 25/07/2019

The University Center for Energy-Efficient Buildings of CTU is participating together with the CEDA company in the development of a mobile application for route planning, which should also take into account the transport needs of people with reduced mobility or orientation.

People belonging to one of the selected target groups are also involved in the preparation of the Mobility as a Service planning system, who, through research workshops, help the creators of the application to get a picture of their needs. One of these groups are people with limited mobility, such as parents with small children in strollers, the elderly or people with disabilities. The new app should help them plan their route taking into account their limitations, including walking and transfers between individual and public transport.

Therefore, our team of social scientists met with them at the Faculty of Architecture of CTU to hear suggestions and comments from practice during a research workshop. Based on them, a set of recommendations for the further development of the application will be drawn up by the end of 2019, which will be further developed by specialists for the creation of map documents from the company CEDA.