Our patented technologies will simplify the investigation of crimes

News, 30. 5. 2024
The Nanomaterials and Biotechnology research team of CTU UCEEB has completed a pioneering project in the field of criminal odorology, in collaboration with the joint-stock company AMBIS College. As a result, the team obtained a patent for unique nanofibre collectors for odour traces and a prototype head sensor for brain activity of specially trained service dogs that evaluate them. This development opens up new possibilities for security forces, enabling further research and use of scent traces in various applications.

The project, entitled "Use of advanced technologies in odour science," aimed to develop and optimise nanofibre materials that would overcome the limits of traditional methods of collecting and analysing odour traces. We have developed unique nanofiber collectors that are significantly lighter and more efficient compared to traditional methods. These collectors also allow for chemical and odor sterilization and can preserve odor traces for long periods, allowing for further analysis using olfactory methods.

One of the most interesting innovations has been the development of a head sensor that senses and evaluates canine brain activity in response to different scent traces. This approach opens up new possibilities for research in canine biology and improves our understanding of the interactions between dogs and scent trails. The project also included the preparation of technical documentation for the developed technology and the successful acquisition of a patent,  confirming originality and innovation in the use of nanotechnology in forensic science.

The project "Use of advanced technologies in the field of odorology" was supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic within the Programme for Support of Applied Social Science and Humanities Research, Experimental Development, and Innovation ÉTA.