Our sensors measure the quality of the environment in Kladno

News, 20/09/2019

Since the beginning of this September, outdoor air quality sensors developed by the University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings of the Czech Technical University have been in operation at the Pražská - Vodárenská and Petr Bezruč - Cyril Bouda intersections in Kladno. In the near future, it is planned to install another sensor at the intersection of Dukelské hrdiný - General Klapálek.

The sensors measure both the temperature and relative humidity of the air, as well as the content of CO2 and solid dust particles. They also record atmospheric pressure and the concentration of volatile organic substances. The measured data are transmitted via the LoRaWAN network both to the UCEEB servers and to the integration platform of the Kladno municipality.

In addition to data from intersections, other data from the whole of Kladno are recorded in the integration platform. These include, for example, records of outdoor temperatures and noise levels from all digital markers at public transport stops that were installed during the summer of 2019. In addition, information on the quality of the indoor environment in the city's administrative buildings collected by IAQ sensors designed in the UCEEB laboratories converges here.

Thanks to the cooperation with UCEEB, the municipality will get an online overview of the quality of the environment in the city. On the basis of long-term measurement and subsequent data analysis, it will be possible to propose, for example, urban planning, transport, construction and other modifications leading to further improvement of the quality of life in Kladno.