Part of the SAWER system are prototypes of hybrid photovoltaic-thermal collectors

News, 18/03/2021

The University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings of CTU has developed solar hybrid collectors, which are intended for the simultaneous production of heat and electricity. In February 2021, they were installed as part of the SAWER system in the Czech pavilion at the EXPO exhibition centre in Dubai, where their functional and technical properties will be verified.

The installation of a solar system of eight hybrid solar photovoltaic-thermal collectors on the roof of the Czech pavilion at the EXPO exhibition centre in Dubai took place as part of the HYSOL (Hybridní fotovoltaicko-tepelný solární systém) sub-project, which is being implemented by the research department Building Energy Systems of the Czech Technical University UCEEB.

The new collectors are mainly intended for applications in places where the area for installing solar elements is limited. Compared to non-glazed hybrid collectors commonly available on the world market, glazed hybrid collectors have smaller heat losses, and thus the potential for significantly higher heat production, especially at the temperatures required for water heating. Analyzes show that compared to the installation of a combination of solar heat collectors and photovoltaic modules, glazed hybrid collectors bring 35% more heat and electricity for the same built-up area.

The research was supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic as part of the GAMA 2 program.