Science 4 Business Conference

The Central Bohemian Innovation Center invites you to the first year of the Science 4 Business professional conference with the subtitle Applied Research in the Central Bohemian Region. The conference will take place on May 19, 2022 from 9:30 a.m. at the ELI Beamlines research center in Dolní Břežany.

The S4B conference is intended for representatives of research organizations, innovative companies, spin-offs, start-ups, investors and all those interested in an innovative environment. The presenter will reveal in particular the benefits and problematic moments that are often associated with the process of knowledge and technology transfer. Part of the conference is also the opportunity to tour the unique laser centers ELI Beamlines and HiLASE.

The event will feature leading experts from business, natural and technical sciences, including Martin Volf from the Czech Technical University UCEEB, who will talk about the sustainable envelope of Envilop buildings. You can find the entire program at webových stránkách conference.

Secure your seat and registrujte se today.