Students are preparing a competition structure on the Větrník dormitories

Update, 02/01/2022

A team of CTU students is participating in the prestigious Solar Decathlon Europe international competition focused on sustainable, efficient and innovative construction using renewable energy sources. They will compete for the win with a project called FIRSTLIFE, based on their ideas about dormitories and first housing. The prototype of the superstructure model on the Větrník tracks will be created at the experimental area of the Czech Technical University UCEEB in Buštěhrad. Team member Zdenko Malík answered questions about the competition.

The model unit represents a concept that will be applicable to any building with a similar typology. According to this model, housing for pensioners, young families, or social services could also be created in the future. The design uses a modular prefabricated wooden solution that speeds up construction. Our goal is to create a model of how we would like to live in student dormitories. Create enough privacy, but also conditions for student socialization. At the same time, offer a solution that does not burden the environment." revealed Zdenko Malík, a student of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and an employee of the Czech Technical University UCEEB.

You can read the entire interview in the online version on the website:

More about the project FIRSTLIFE here.