We are developing an autonomous facade module

News, 23/01/2020

The CTU University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings has been cooperating with the Wieden company for the second year on the autonomous facade module research project. It should function not only as thermal protection, but also as a source of energy, technical equipment for maintaining the internal environment, lighting or intelligent regulation responding to local conditions.

As part of the project, the possibilities of prefabricated integration of a cooling unit based on Peltier cells and a local photovoltaic system with flat battery storage into an autonomous facade module are investigated. The goal is to increase the speed of construction, save the built-up area and increase the independence of the internal environment from the central system (lighting, ventilation, heating, cooling, electrical energy supply).

While last year functional samples of the two main elements of the lightweight enclosure (Peltier cooler, photovoltaic microsystem) were created, this year various variants of the Peltier cooler were tested in detail. In addition, the concept of the entire module of the light outer envelope of buildings was proposed. The developed technological solution is currently protected by a utility model. Research and development is supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic within the Epsilon program.