We design a central heat source for the Prague Market Hall

News, 6. 6. 2024
The heritage protected area of the former central slaughterhouse in Holešovice, which has served the citizens of Prague as a market since 1983, will be fully revitalized and modernized. The Renewable Energy research team of the Building Energy Systems Department at the CTU UCEEB is preparing a study on the use of heat pumps as a central heat source. Its results will be used in planning the renovation of individual buildings.

As part of the energy balance of the existing and future building operation, we have determined the power requirements and energy needs (heating, cooling) of the individual buildings of the market for the design and balance of different types of heat and cooling sources. The study compares the options of deploying ground-source heat pumps with ground boreholes, water-source heat pumps with heat extraction from Vltava river, air-source heat pumps, gas boilers and CHP units, as well as their combinations.
Calculations are performed in hourly time steps for a detailed evaluation of the installed capacity utilization and the need for backup heat/cooling sources. The result is a comparison of the energy parameters (energy consumption, system efficiency), economic criteria (investment and operating costs) and environmental benchmarks (emission performance) of the different options and the definition of boundary conditions for future renovations of the individual halls.