We tested the characteristics of CETRIS BASIC

News, 5. 2. 2024
The Structural Engineering research team of the CTU UCEEB in cooperation with the CETRIS division of the CIDEM Hranice joint-stock company experimentally investigated the mechanical characteristics of cement-bonded particleboards produced by this manufacturer. The final output of the tests are design tables for designers used to calculate the load-bearing capacity of reinforcing walls of timber buildings.

After the material tests of CETRIS BASIC boards were completed, we carried out tests on the structural components. These were specifically the reinforcement wall panels of lightweight post and beam system timber buildings. We constructed three test specimens consisting of a pair of wall panels sheathed on both sides, differing in the fasteners used to connect the panels to the timber elements of the wall frame. Screws were used for the first connection, staples for the second and nails for the third. 

The test specimens were loaded with a vertical force and cycled with a horizontal force. From the tests, we determined the stiffness and load-bearing capacity of the tested walls. We then compared the experimentally determined values with the bearing capacity determined by calculation and showed that the calculation is on the side of safety. The output of the collaboration is design tables for designers to calculate the load capacity of reinforcing walls of timber buildings constructed with CETRIS BASIC panels.