A system for supporting urban mobility and the operation of intelligent settlements taking into account the specific needs of people

Registration number: TJ01000384
Provider: TA CR - ZÉTA Program
Solver: M.Sc. Veronika Kandusová
Start: 01.01. 2018
End: 31.12. 2019
Partners: Central European Data Agency, s.r.o

The goal is to use participatory design to create software for testing the multimodal scheduler model, with functions according to the needs of future users. SW will be prepared for all types of users, including the disabled, taking into account their specific needs and will take into account all possible modes of transport and their combinations. At the same time, it will include as many points of interest as possible. The scheduler will be an open platform for other developers to use. At the same time, the platform will be used by city and state administration after integration into the relevant systems. There is no similar solution on the market yet.