A walk through public spaces with the inhabitants of the village

Service offer

The two-hour walk represents an attractive way to find out the needs of the residents and familiarize them with the plans of the municipality. It is preceded by a meeting with the municipality, site survey, preparation of the walk, its implementation and subsequent evaluation.

Offer includes:

  • initial meeting with representatives of the municipality and survey of the site by an urban planner and sociologist,
  • a walk through public spaces with several urban planners and sociologists,
  • Together with the residents, the current state of public spaces will be evaluated above the map of the village (e.g. popular and unpopular, problematic places),
  • the final report from the meeting prepared by urbanists and sociologists.

Experienced impartial facilitators and urban planners will lead the discussion for you, who will keep the discussion in check in terms of the topic and possible emotions. The final report is a suitable basis for the future assignment of a study of the transformation of the public space. And last but not least, you will become informed representatives of the municipality who listen to their residents and their opinions and needs.

In case of special requests or other questions, do not hesitate to contact us.