Advanced Modular Cloud Computing System for Bridge Infrastructure Monitoring Utilizing Fibre Optics

Registration number: CK03000219
Provider: TA CR - DOPRAVA 2020+ Programme
Solver: Jan Pošta
Start: 01.01. 2022
End: 31.12. 2024
Partners: Elixeum s.r.o., TM Stav, s.r.o., FSV CVUT

The focus of the project is the development and verification of a system for long-term monitoring of bridge structures with a focus on reinforced concrete and prestressed bridges, whose primary objective is to detect possible damage to the structure and its development in time, using long-life fiber optic sensors connected to a monitoring cloud application. It will be equipped with an artificial intelligence system that will be able to learn and evaluate data based on the history of bridge behavior, but also based on a digital - numerical model of the bridge. Both methods will make it possible to develop ways to eliminate environmental influences that obscure possible damage to the bridge (rheological changes, temperature). Bridge monitoring methods will be verified on the real bridge.