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Methodology for planning public spaces of small municipalities
In response to the demand for a simple procedure that will enable typically smaller municipalities to plan the shape of the open space with regard to the needs of the residents and current technological possibilities, the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings of CTU created the Methodology for Planning Public Spaces of Small Communities.
Smaller municipalities lack the infrastructure that larger cities have. These are, among other things, the seats of state administration bodies in transferred jurisdiction (ORP, municipalities with authorized municipal authorities). Compared to smaller municipalities, they therefore have support in the professional and personnel capacities of these bodies when improving public spaces. Therefore, they lack basic information about the complexity of the entire process, about the possibilities of acquiring different types of studies, as well as experience with formulating assignments. This information is contained in the just mentioned Methodology.

With regard to the target group, representatives of small municipalities, it is written in understandable language and is supplemented with various graphic schemes and inspiring examples. The main output of the project is the certified Methodology for planning public spaces of small municipalities, which their representatives are to guide through the preparation process. The goal of the methodology is not to educate representatives of municipalities, to make them experts in spatial planning and participatory design. The goal is to make them equal partners for experts who have a vision, can weigh the basic advantages and disadvantages of proposed solutions and make informed decisions.

About the result

The methodology is available for free download on the website

? Furthermore, services are offered that are related to this issue and that result from the findings and recommendations mentioned in the publication:

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