Catalog of secondary raw materials for the construction industry

Catalog of products and materials containing secondary raw materials for use in the construction industry
We have created a catalog in which you will find answers to why construction and demolition waste should be used, how a building can be recycled and which raw materials can be obtained during demolition. We also described how the properties of recycled products are verified and which recycled products can be used in construction. And for all public procurement contractors, the Catalog contains brief instructions on how to support the use of recycled materials in public procurement.

The catalog has five main parts:
  • overview of basic concepts;
  • overview of materials from construction and demolition waste with the potential for use in the construction industry;
  • overview of construction products containing secondary raw materials;
  • an overview of European and national regulations on waste management supplemented by answers to questions often solved in practice;
  • certification procedures, test procedures and standards containing information on the introduction of these products to the market.



We offer the publication of products with recycled content and examples of good practice free of charge on the website We also offer consultations in the field of building deconstruction, recycling of construction and demolition waste and the use of construction waste in new buildings.

About the result

The web version of the Catalog is available at and you can find the complete contents of the printed version there. In addition, the online version also contains an open database of products containing secondary raw materials. This database is completely open, both for viewing and for inserting new products, and it is expected to be gradually supplemented based on the expansion of the market for these products and materials. The website also provides an overview of organizations and companies that deal with recycling in the construction industry. Furthermore, the website is supplemented with examples of good practice in which recycled material was successfully used for new construction.