Centre of Advanced Materials and Efficient Buildings CAMEB

Registration number: TN01000056
Solver: Ing. Robert Jara, Ph.D.
Start: 01.01. 2019
End: 31.12. 2022
Partners: Technical University in Brno, Mendel University in Brno, Technical University in Liberec, AERS s.r.o., AZS 98, s.r.o., cadconsulting, spol. s ro, Dlubal Software sro, FENIX Trading, sro, GEOtest, as, INFRAM as, Kloboucká lesní sro, KNAUF Praha, spol. s ro, KOMA MODULAR sro, KORADO, as, MĚSTO TŘEŠŤ, PREFA KOMPOZITY, as, RD Rýmařov sro, REGULUS spol. s ro, SEDUM TOP SOLUTION sro, SUBTECH, sro, WAFE sro, KNAUF INSULATION, spol. s ro, HOCHTIEF CZ as, di5 architects engineers sro, Skanska as, Siemens, sro, Wienerberger sro, AGROP NOVA as, KRONOSPAN OSB, spol. s.r.o., VDT Technology a.s., TKP geo s.r.o., Teco a.s.

The motivation for the National Centre of Competence CAMEB is the decrease, or depletion of non-renewable natural resources, both material and energy, and the impact of this phenomenon on construction. The current trend of massive energy savings in the operation of buildings does bring significant improvements in the field of operational energy, but the material and energy demands of construction are growing rapidly.

CAMEB brings together partners with such competences that will allow finding better use of resources in construction. Based on the optimization of the life cycle, we will be able to design better buildings using the principles of the knowledge and circular economy. At the same time, we use modern technologies in the field of digitization, optimization, modeling and effective process management.

12 research sub-projects are being addressed within the CAMEB project. More information about CAMEB and sub-projects can be found on the page www.cameb.cz.