Circular WEEEP (Design and test of policies for reducing, repairing, recovering and reusing waste from electrical, electronic equipment and plastic in Central Europe)

Registration number: CE0100183
Provider: EU ERDF – Interreg Central Europe
Solver: Michal Tobiáš
Start: 21.08. 2023
End: 21.08. 2026

The aim of the Circular WEEEP project is to support and improve the collection, recycling and reuse of waste electrical and electronic equipment through pilot projects in the EU.

Partners from 7 regions of the European Union (Czech Republic, Italy, Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia and Slovenia), under the leadership of the CTU UCEEB, will map the different setup of support and processes for the management of e-waste in the EU during the implementation of the project. The aim of the project is to create a unified transnational strategy for the Central European region with possible replication in other EU regions, with an emphasis on raising awareness of the methods and support in the field of e-waste.

Over the course of the project, the partners will develop a joint strategy for managing e-waste and raising awareness of recycling and reuse methods and processes, which will be mapped out in 6 action plans tested by 5 innovative pilot projects:
  • WEEE design
  • WEEE collect /market
  • WEEE social
  • WEEE lives
  • WEEE aware
Action plans and pilot projects will support the deployment of large-scale solutions and the creation of long-term commitments for transnational cooperation for the joint management of e-waste and the dissemination of awareness of the processes involved.

Project Circular WEEEP  is supported by the Interreg Central Europe Programme funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and co-financed by the participants.

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