Cogeneration ORC unit with a heat output of 120 kW for wood chips in a container design

Registration number: TK01020061
Provider: TA CR - THETA Program
Solver: Ing. Zbyněk Zeleny
Start: 01.07. 2018
End: 01.12. 2020
Partners: Ing. Miroslav Šamata, BHC Jílové sro

The goal of this project is the development, construction and testing of a cogeneration ORC unit with a thermal output of 120 kW on wood chips in a container design with an electrical output of approx. 5 kW. The advantages of this prototype (besides the combined production itself) will be the possibility to place such a unit outside the building (thanks to the container solution) and the ability to process even lower quality fuel. As part of the project solution, 2 more useful models will be created from the areas of expertise of the two other applicants. About halfway through the project, the unit prototype should be physically built, followed by testing and optimization. After the successful solution of the project, a technology with great market potential will be developed, which is confirmed by the application guarantors. All 3 bidders would continue to participate in the subsequent production and development of this technology.