WAVE 120 cogeneration unit

Biomass cogeneration unit with a thermal output of 120 kW and an electrical output of 6 kW
We have developed a unique WAVE device capable of producing electricity and heat from biomass. We can supply fully certified technology (in cooperation with an external company) that is able to supply 50-500 kW of heat and 4-24 kW of electricity, which also uses low-quality wood chips as fuel. WAVE is located in a container, so construction preparation for its installation is minimal. WAVE is fully automatic including ash removal and ignition. We provide a 24/7 remote monitoring service for it to ensure that we know about the problem before it manifests itself.
WAVE is designed to be able to replace virtually any heat source with an interesting return
  • Natural Gas
  • Biomass
  • Coal
  • LTO
  • LPG
  • Electricity


Commercialization has already taken place. We are looking for partners to expand business cooperation.

About the result

Currently, the size of the unit is suitable, for example, as a source for industrial operations that dry products of various kinds, for agricultural farms, for apartment buildings, larger boarding houses , cultural centers or offices. According to scientists, the unit could potentially be suitable for households as well, but in view of the tightening of building regulations regarding the thermal and technical properties of new buildings, it will be installed in older and historic family homes. Deployment in households will depend on economic success and reliability of deployment at higher power levels.

The advantage of the micro power plant is simple operation and the fact that it is practically maintenance-free, thanks to self-cleaning mechanisms. Today, it can even be controlled from a smartphone and can send notifications of potential problems. It is a matter of course that in pilot installations, the supplier supervises its operation as part of the service provision and annual expert revisions, which are, of course, also necessary for the operation of standard boilers.