Construction-energy optimization of buildings

We help to optimize the need for energy for heating, cooling and also to ensure a high quality of the indoor environment with regard to reducing the risk of overheating and sufficient daylight.

Our offer:

  • We connect architectural and construction solutions with energy system design.
  • On the basis of detailed energy simulations, in cooperation with the client, we find the possibilities of applying passive energy solutions and make it possible to achieve significant investment and operating costs.
  • The greatest savings potential can be achieved in the early stages of design, when it can be most influenced. Therefore, already in the architectural study, we help to identify optimal temperature zoning, we simulate variants of the construction solution, including the size and properties of lighting openings and shading methods, thereby enabling the implementation team to make an informed decision about the final design.
  • As part of the optimization of the simulations, we also identify suitable active building systems, including the optimal placement of RES.

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Ing. Zdenko Malík, Ph.D.