Creating Actionable Futures

Registration number: 101056946
Provider: European Commission Horizon Europe Programme
Solver: Tomáš Vácha
Start: 01.05. 2022
End: 30.04. 2025
Partners: Norwegian University of Science and Technology

CrAFt - Creating Actionable Futures
The project will place the transition to climate neutrality at the heart of urban stakeholders. It will support the Mission Board on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities and the NetZeroCities platform in designing and deploying Climate City Contracts, based on knowledge from CrAFt’s 3 “Sandbox Cities” (Bologna, Prague, Amsterdam) and “70 Reference Cities” engaged in testing and sharing knowledge together with cultural, artistic and creative sectors, property owners and tenants, and citizens and communities. It will deliver a Guidance Package featuring at least 160 collaborative local governance models, tools, examples or stories. This will be supported by a NEB-inspired impact model that helps cities to harness the value of inclusiveness, aesthetics and sustainability and  co-create positive and inclusive narratives towards climate-neutral futures, for, with and by citizens and communities by supporting the deployment of NEB-inspired collaborative local governance models.