Digitization in the construction industry

Main research area

Construction is one of the most conservative technical fields with a low rate of adoption of digital innovation and relatively low productivity and efficiency compared to other industries. However, the present time brings a number of new requirements and challenges that cannot be solved by traditional methods.

Thus, new technologies and procedures come to the fore, especially in the field of digitization, artificial intelligence and/or machine learning, which will contribute to increasing efficiency and introducing innovations into processes in the construction industry within the value chain, i.e. from the production of building materials through design, implementation, use and operation of the building until its liquidation. Digitization in the construction industry will, among other things, bring the required savings in energy, pollutant emissions and costs, increased quality or safety.

We participate in creating the standard of digital building models (BIM), which we use as a basis for multi-criteria analysis and optimization of buildings. We create calculation tools for building models to optimize designs in terms of energy savings or even a comprehensive assessment of building quality. We deal with concepts of digital twins, connecting digital models of buildings, their elements and automated robotic production of prefabricated building elements.

We also work with digitization in the energy sector of buildings and territorial units, where, among other things, we deal with new generations of smart networks, management of energy distribution and supply, and flexibility. We develop algorithms and models for predictive control of buildings and regulation of HVAC systems, including tools for automatic error detection.
We also deal with the development and application of electronic and sensor systems for building monitoring and diagnostics of building structures and materials. We solve the possibilities of integration and use of wireless interfaces and Internet of Things technologies for various applications in the construction industry.
In the future, we expect an ever-increasing share of automation and prefabrication in the construction industry, and due to the complexity of modern buildings and legislative requirements, an increasing pressure on consistent and efficient work with data. Our goal is to make maximum use of these emerging technologies and use them to support the gentle construction and sustainable energy of buildings in Central Europe.


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