doc. Ing. Petr Kuklík, CSc.

Head of the Materials and Construction of Buildings research department
Telefon: +420 224 354 758

Petr Kuklík has been working at the Czech Technical University as a teaching and research worker since 1973. He is the editor of professional books and publications on wooden constructions, as well as patents and utility models. He is involved in the activities of technical standardization committees at the national and international level and is a developer of European and Czech standards for the design of wooden structures at normal temperatures and in case of fire. Under his guidance, 11 PhD theses were defended. He currently lectures on wooden constructions at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and heads the materials and constructions department at UCEEB. He is the researcher and co-researcher of national and international scientific research projects. He is the chairman of the Timber Society of the Czech Association of Civil Engineers.