doc. Ing. Vladimír Mózer, Ph.D.


Vladimir Mozer is a graduate of the Faculty of Wood Sciences and Technology of the Technical University of Zvolen. He received his MSc. in fire protection in 2006 and PhD. focused on gaseous suppresants in person and property protection in 2010. After graduating, he joined the Fire Protection Association in the UK until 2012. Subsequently he was a lecturer and researcher at the University of Zilina until 2020. Since then, he has been an associate professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, the Czech Technical University in Prague focusing on fire engineering, fire dynamics and fire risk. He is a member of the UCEEB FireLAB team and his research focus in on experimental evaluation of material and products fire parameters and their fire effluents toxicity measurement and analysis. He is the convenor of the ISO TC92 SC4 Fire Safety Engineering WG10 Fire Risk Assessment working group.