Energy audit

Service offer

We process energy audits according to Decree No. 140/2021 Coll., which are mandatory for many entities by law.

We offer a higher level of this service so that even a mandatory audit can serve as a basis for making decisions about energy savings.

That's why we focus especially on often neglected areas:

  • technological consumption solutions (production processes – breweries, cement plants, production of construction materials, food plants, drying plants, etc.),
  • measurement and regulation system in central heat supply networks,
  • design and optimization of a new heat source,
  • assessment of the suitability of cogeneration (or microcogeneration),
  • assessing the benefits of switching to another fuel (especially biomass),
  • ​searching for alternative solutions for future development (modern technologies that are not yet on the market, but may bring interesting results in the future).

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