Energy concept

Service offer

We are preparing strategies for efficient use of energy.

We propose both short-term concepts that strictly work with the economic parameters of already commonly used technologies, as well as long-term plans that, on the contrary, consider how energy can develop in the longer term. This allows our clients to prepare for various future scenarios.

We are also able to assess unique technologies and processes that are not yet on the market, or do not currently have favorable economic parameters, but could be significant in the future. They are for example:

  • electromobility,
  • hydrogen economy,
  • fuel cells,
  • system services in electricity production,
  • specific ways of using waste heat,
  • large-scale heat storage.

We are able to prepare strategies for practically any type of operation:
  • larger residential files,
  • municipalities and cities as a whole,
  • central heat supply networks,
  • production areas with a preponderance of technological energy consumption,
  • administrative buildings and campuses.

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