Energy concepts of buildings

Service offer

We offer the processing of energy concepts of buildings as proposals for solving their energy systems in relation to the expected energy standard, taking into account suitable technical systems and their economic assessment in variants. The energy concept can be used as input for the designer (assigned by the investor).

As part of energy concepts, we usually use detailed standard calculations, in case of need or request, it is possible to use detailed simulation calculations.

We typically solve the following tasks for our clients:

  • Assessment of the economic suitability of renewable energy sources for the given structural-architectural design of the building and evaluation of the meaningfulness of the variants of energy sources for heating, cooling and hot water preparation specified by the client in relation to the technical systems of the building. The result is a comparison of the specified variants in the form of investment and operating costs (total costs for 15 years of operation) or the return of solution variants. The necessary performance of the equipment is designed and the design connections are determined.
  • Analysis of savings in the existing building, including mapping of its current state and operation, calibration of the calculation model according to real consumption. The result is an evaluation of options for energy savings by deploying specific construction measures, replacing energy sources, or installing renewable energy sources. Annual savings are evaluated based on real operating costs and the necessary initial investment for individual solution variants.
  • Revision of project documentation and design of energy sources to achieve the client's goals. The result is an assessment of the designer's proposal with regard to the functionality of the energy concept, the meaningfulness of combinations of technical systems (ventilation, heating, cooling, TV preparation), dimensioning of individual elements, optimization in terms of investment and operating costs, linking of individual professions and recommendations for changes.
  • Recommendation of an energy tender for the purposes of a public tender. The result is a document defining the requirements in the area of ​​technical building systems and energy sources, which are to be taken into account in the proposals for the competition. It also includes an assessment of the fulfillment of the requirements of individual offers within the competition.

In case of special requests or other questions, do not hesitate to contact us.